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Sanctuary Tree PHC is dedicated to tree and plant health care. We specialize in the preservation of trees and shrubs by nurturing trees through proper nutrition. 

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Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Treaments

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), a non-native insect, was found in Boulder, CO in 2013. Since then it has spread to Longmont, Lyons, Broomfield, Lafayette and Arvada. EAB attacks all types of Ash trees (except mountain ash). Trunk injection provides 24 month protection against EAB.

Leaf and Bark Beetle Treatments

Leaf and Bark Beetles are one of the top tree pests in Colorado. Treatments vary depending on type of tree and pest associated. Elm leaf beetles are an example of leaf damaging beetles.

Winter Watering

Winter watering of trees is essential for keeping trees healthy during our typical winter dry spells from November through March.

Tree and Shrub Nutrient/Fertilizer Applications

Nutrient/Fertilizer applications help trees obtain nutrients that are difficult for most species of trees to get from our Rocky Mountain soils. Balanced nutrition can prolong the life of a tree, help resist pests and disease and help tolerate drought.

Colorado’s Tree Pests and Diseases

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Top Colorado Tree and Shrub Pests

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Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

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Leaf and Bark Beetle

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Black Rot

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Pine Sawflies

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Request a Soil pH Test

Did you know…

80% of landscape problems are due to soil issues

The name Colorado comes from the Spanish word “color rojo,” meaning “the color red”, which refers to the red dominant soils in our landscape.  The red is a result of the high iron content within the soil.  And yet, Colorado’s highly calcareous soils tie up the iron in a form unavailable to trees, shrubs and plants.

High soil pH can also negatively affect plant growth. pH can be described as the measure of acidity or alkalinity of soil and is measured on a scale of 1 to 14 where 7, which is neutral, is the optimal level for most plants. Numbers lower than 7 are considered acidic and numbers higher than 7 are considered alkaline or calcareous (high in calcium carbonate). Colorado soils that have never had amendments added may have a pH value of up to 8.5, which is higher than most plants can tolerate — especially acid-loving trees such as maples.

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I had Ryan come out to prune a sick cherry tree and he was really professional, listened to what I wanted, and gave sound advice. The other arborist I had come out was a lot less pleasant, demeaning, and took a scorched earth approach to my backyard. Ryan gave some much needed TLC to my 25+ year old tree and I am hopeful it will recover nicely this spring. 
- David from Denver (A Yelp review.)

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